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The Shack – a must read (then see)


I have both read the book and watched the movie “The Shack” by William Young. 


For those who wish to say that this movie is HERESY, they are just plain WRONG and here is why. If they would have read the book, they would know that this book was a biography written by William Young of am man named Mackenzie Allen Phillips. It is basically the story of his life, and includes the time when he was unconscious from an auto accident he had. During that time, he had a sort of vision in which he saw God and learned the things that he learned, which are recorded in the biography. In other words this is a TESTIMONY. So how can a testimony be blasphemy?  


Now the author, William P. Young freely admits that Mack may not have remembered everything correctly, but it was written to be as accurate as possible of what Mack remembers in his vision. I think that those who look at the movie without reading the book are operating on incomplete information. This is what Mack SAW in his vision. For those of us who read the book, we understood that going in. To me the highlight of the book is chapter 11 entitled “Here come da judge.” It gives a wonderful perspective and a great lesson on how and why we judge other people, and why we are almost always wrong in this judgment.  


I was very touched by reading chapter 11 in the book. It was an AHA MOMENT  for me, and I was emotional throughout the movie, as I saw this vision come to life. I highly recommend the book, and after reading, it the movie. I can tell you personally that it has changed me….I believe for the better. Here is the trailer:


JW’s – Are you in the Truth?

This video series asks a very serious question to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Considering the information that is presented in this video series, the question that must be considered is asked above: Jehovah’s Witnesses, are you sure that you are in the truth?

I would ask you to watch this entire series, then look in the mirror and ask if you can really believe what you are being told by the Governing Body. Please watch all 5 segments of this series.

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Eternal Torment? Not from a loving God 3

In this next video of this series of just under 8 minutes, we continue to look at the meanings of the words translated as “eternal,” and “punishment” in our Bibles, and how we have been misled concerning these words. This is eye opening powerful information!

Eternal Torment? not from a loving God

In this short video, I show how we have been misled in the Bible passages which speak of the terms “destroy” “eternal” and “punishment.” If we believe that “God is love,” we need to reconcile these verses with this supreme quality of God, because as the Apostle John indicated in 1 John 4:8,16, love is the essence of God’s being.

Eternal Torment? Not from a God of love

I am beginning a series which proves from both the Old and New Testament that God would never send someone to a place of Eternal Torment. If you will stay with me through this series, you will learn a lot even if you disagree with me. So here is my challenge:

Stay with me throughout this series. If you believe that I am wrong, tell me why.

Here is the introduction to the series: