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Truth and perspective are not the same.

Perspective is a point of view.

Truth is that which is based on FACT.


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For a copy of my book, “Gods Promise of Redemption, a story of fulfilled prophecy,” go to the link below:


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5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Ron Jones said:

    Great book, good message. I am a retired Industrial EngineeringTech. (planner) for the USAF. I grew up with the pre-mil message graduated to the a-mil stuff and still had bunches of question. I found Don Preston and everything made since. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Ron: I truly appreciate it. I worked hard on getting this correct.
      You might like my new Book, “God’s Purpose for Hell, a compelling probe of God’s love for the lost, available at Amazon.com and in Kindle format.
      Blessings, Rob Pike

  2. Ron Jones said:

    Yes, I will check out your book. I was just thinking how your book “Gods Promise Redemption Fulfilled” is a great starter book for friend that are searching for answers. It seems to bring things together in a very clear way. I was raised in the Assembly of God churches. Everything became so complicated. Are you a follower of reformed theology?

  3. I was a follower of reformed theology for many years, but now see so much cross over. One thing is for sure….God is sovereign. His word is true, and he keeps all of his promises.

  4. Ron Jones said:


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