Eternal Torment? Not from a loving God 3

In this next video of this series of just under 8 minutes, we continue to look at the meanings of the words translated as “eternal,” and “punishment” in our Bibles, and how we have been misled concerning these words. This is eye opening powerful information!

Eternal Torment? Not from a God of love

I am beginning a series which proves from both the Old and New Testament that God would never send someone to a place of Eternal Torment. If you will stay with me through this series, you will learn a lot even if you disagree with me. So here is my challenge:

Stay with me throughout this series. If you believe that I am wrong, tell me why.

Here is the introduction to the series:

God’s Purpose for Hell – Part 10

As we conclude this series, we must ask: Concerning the traditional view of eternal punishment, does it not in effect chop off the effect of the atonement of our Lord at the knees? Does it not LIMIT the power of the cross?

What about the early Church. Did the early Church fathers believe that God would torment someone for eternity? In this video of just under 12 minutes, we discuss this.

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God’s Purpose for Hell – Part 9

In our last segment of this series we learned that God’s punishment of the lost is for the purpose of correction, and will not last forever. But what about those in the Bible like the Pharaoh of Egypt. Doesn’t the Bible say that God hardened his heart? Does this mean that people like him who were designated as enemies of God never got a chance?

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God’s Purpose for Hell – Part 6

This video series is made with the purpose of showing the love of God, even for those who are considered to be lost.

In this 10 minute video we examine what Jesus said: “. Fear him, who after he has killed, has power to cast into Gehenna. Yes, I tell you, fear him.” Does this speak of eternal torment or not?

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