The Mountain Range view of prophecy…Is it viable?

In this video by Paul White, he shows what is meant by the “Mountain Range View of prophecy,” and why it is a flawed view of Biblical Interpretation. I like the way he starts this video. He states that “being right” is not important.…but truth is important. Once truth is presented, people can do with it what they chose. We should NOT be arguing over these passages.

I would like to not that at the end of this video, brother Paul reads Acts 24: 15, but misses a crucial point about this passage. If you will look this up in your Interlinear Bible, you will notice that in the Greek, it says “there is ABOUT TO BE a resurrection of both the just and the unjust.” ABOUT TO BE is from the Greek root word “mello.” Therefore, this was a resurrection that would happen soon. This word changes everything and brings in a whole host of implications with regard to the soon coming resurrection.